The loan for self-employment is not always convenient in the application process and often difficult in the grant. Nevertheless, almost every entrepreneur relies on credit. Many entrepreneurs are therefore concerned with the question: How do start-up entrepreneurs and seasoned entrepreneurs cover their credit needs? Without knowing the answer to this question, any corporate governance is almost impossible.

Credit for self-employment – business start-up publicly funded

Credit for self-employment - business start-up publicly funded

The step into self-employment venture many entrepreneurs on credit. The start-up loan, which can be applied for at any commercial bank, provides government support to this step. Through the low-interest start-up financing is made possible. The first information on ‘s self-employment loan can be found on the website. There are several programs that help the state access to corporate finance.

Any commercial bank is possible as a partner for financing from . She pays the money and receives the repayments. In addition, the commercial bank is liable, albeit on a small scale, for the loan. Collateral must be provided only for the share of the commercial bank. However, bears the largest share of the credit risk. Thus, start-up loans at particularly favorable interest rates are possible in the first place.

Public money for the continued existence of the company

Public money for the continued existence of the company

Loans are not only helpful for start – up financing. The Federal Government supports the continued existence of businesses with various programs. The expansionary wishes of entrepreneurship are often only possible in this way. The eligibility of large sums of money is always related to credit security. In the case of a loan for self-employment through , the public sector bears a large part of the credit risk. However, existing companies have to bear significantly more liability risk than start-ups.

The disadvantage of the loan is above all the application process. Staged in steps, analyzes and profit forecasts have to be submitted. Without the help of a business consultant, which co-finances, hardly anyone can work through Papierberg. It is easier and, above all, faster to use other instruments of the capital market for corporate loans.

Credit for entrepreneurs from the free capital market

Credit for entrepreneurs from the free capital market

Corporate loans that are not based on disproportionate collateral can be realized by private investors and as foreign loans. Preferred lender, the loan for self-employment, is mainly Switzerland. A credit intermediary establishes contact with the lender and prepares the application to the extent that it becomes eligible. The Swiss credit is therefore not only the credit without credit rating, but the credit for small and medium entrepreneurs.

Another modern alternative is the private credit market. The loan without the bank is mainly mediated by two established Internet portals. At fair interest rates, corporate investment in new technologies can be financed just like the company car.

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